Why Do It?

Wow! Recently I have been delving into the world of online dating to better understand this way of connecting and my eyes have been opened to a curious phenomenon.

Wow!  Recently I have been delving into the world of online dating to better understand this way of connecting and my eyes have been opened to a curious phenomenon.  People (it seems to be balanced between men and women) appear to post false information about themselves and use old pictures in their profiles.  WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

What do they hope to gain with this approach?  Do they hope that people will look past the dishonesty once they meet in person?  Apparently it’s not happening that way at all.  According to the responses I have received the number one turn off for both men and women is misrepresentation and the effect of the experience affects their future connections.

According to the men and women who shared their experiences with me the experience of that dishonesty coloured their view of online dating and made it difficult to see the real beauty of the person they met.   The areas of misrepresentation that top the list are: age, education, true wants and most importantly, current image of the person in the profile.   If you are looking to find that special someone and create a love connection using the online dating services honesty from the start is a must in these areas.

I have read many profiles and the ones that stand out for me are clear, concise, captivating and brief.  When I say brief I don’t mean a couple of sentences or arm’s length.  Interesting enough the profiles that get read are the ones that use point form outlining what the person has to offer and what they are looking for.  Sounds like applying for a job?  I think the principles are similar and the approach can be as well.

I recommend starting with accurate bio info and current pictures to start you search off on the best possible foot.  The right person is going to connect with you because of who you truly are and will accept you for who you are not.  All you have to do is trust they will and do the same for them.

If you are interested in having me view your profile or work with you in creating your profile please feel free to contact me through this post.  I will respond to all legitimate inquiries and comments.

Lisa Johnston-Williams
Personal Lifestyle Coach services are provided by LD Williams. Times/dates/fees are arranged as per client’s needs and agreed upon before coaching services begin. LD Williams has been providing advice and coaching services for over 20 yrs to men and women across North America. Her services are non-medical in nature and based on her personal life experiences.

Author: Lisa Johnston - Life-living Strategist

I created Personal Touch Best Solutions to provide life-living solutions for men and women who are 50+ yrs looking to change the question “Is this it?” into the statement “THIS IS IT!” in their lives. I have been gathering tools for many years to help empower men and women who struggle with self-worth, relationships, unconditional love, contentment, letting go, harmony, internalization, inner direction, transitions in life, choice-making, reflections and connecting to spirit. People, who struggle to answer the two most common questions we ask ourselves around the age of 50, “Who am I? and “What is my purpose in life?” We all have invisible barriers and some of us are challenged to break the barriers that stop us from fulfilling our heart’s wishes and desires in our daily lives. Barriers that stop us from doing what we were meant to do in our lifetime. Each and everyone one of us is unique and exceptional and if you can’t see this of yourself, it’s definitely time to find out what your invisible barriers are. Understanding what it is that stops you is the first step to eliminating the holds they have on you, forever. Life really does begin at 50! If you want to find out if you are ready - take this short quiz and see where you are right now! https://assess.coach/ptbestsolutions

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