2021 Fees and Services

“Every human being is designed to PROSPER because life itself is PROSPEROUS.”

Richard Rudd, creator of Gene Keys

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All fees are payable by e-transfer through the email using this link: sharedwisdomglobal

GET ME STARTED – @$50 (30 min session)

When you are ready, the best place to start is exactly where you are, it’s all uphill from here! Tell me more…

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Coming Soon! ~ SHARED WISDOM SERIES – $40/Key or $100 package (30min – 120min sessions)

Living life with purpose takes Key #1 CLARITY, Key #2 CONNECTION to passion and Key #3 COURAGE to pursue your dreams.

HEAL MY HEART – @$100/session* (*session blocks available upon request)

When you are ready, healing your own heart first allows your love to spill outward towards others. The greatest gift you can give is your love! Tell me more…

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Coming Soon! ~ B-LINE TO B-FREE @$150 (8 week package) Min 4 – Max 8 participants

When you are ready, discover the true source of freedom and how you can have it!

LIFE-LIVING STRATEGIC PLAN @$997 (7 week package)

When you are ready, let’s create your map in alignment with your inner being! Tell me more…

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