I am Trust

This is, without question, the foundation of everything I have learned to date. Without this piece I find myself deep in the muck of life over and over and over again. It has taken me years to assimilate this statement into my being and it’s only been within the past 6 months that I truly live by these words, 99.9% of the time. I have noticed that I’m no longer struggling with lack and when lack does appear in my thoughts I automatically counter it with “I trust that everything happens exactly the way it should for my higher good”. I trust that the Universe/Divine/higher-self has my back and always wants the best for me, even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time. In the past, I had wanted something so bad that I could taste it and when it didn’t materialize I was heart broken and disappointed that the powers that be didn’t deliver. Then when I take a moment to look back at all those disappointing moments I can see that they were not in my best interest and I would have missed out on the moments that have been.

It’s so hard to help others see this wisdom and even though a part of me wants to I also understand that others are on their path too which includes disappointment, struggle, lack and higher good reflection. Does this mean that I should stand aside and let others suffer? Not at all! When people come to me with their challenges it is my purpose in life to assist in any way that I can because when I do it feels right for me and for them. One of my most cherished rewards is watching someone get a piece of their own puzzle and I get to see their light shining brighter because of something I said or did. The warm glow I feel when I get to contribute to their higher good and to the higher good of humanity in whole. There comes a point in our life that we have to just trust the statement rather than constantly looking for proof and it’s when I got this fully, I experienced a feeling of freedom I didn’t know was possible!

I trust that everything happens exactly as it should for my higher good and for the higher good of humanity. Not by my definition but by how it feels inside, my inner knowing hums at a frequency that sounds like nothing I can describe with words, just feeling. One thing I can put into words is the profound impact these special moments have on my life. Equisite, delicious, delightful experiences, each and every one of them that cause me to want to do more.

You + Me = We
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About Lisa Johnston (AKA ~ Kula Sanayha) Fairy Goddess Mother

My birth name is Lisa Johnston and I am a full-time Adventuress on this journey we call “life”. In 2021 I chose to call myself Kula Sanayha to represent who I choose to be in the world today. Two Sanskrit words together meaning "community love" describes who Kula Sanayha is for herself and others. I identify with both names, one as the adventuress and the other as the wise woman and I welcome you to call me by either name, for your own comfort, as you get to know me. I am truly grateful to be alive at this time in our life's journey, as I believe I am here to help myself and others heal emotional wounds, both ancestral and experienced in this lifetime. I am here to help others see new perspectives in areas of their lives that cause emotional pain and suffering so they can heal their own wounds. I am here to share my gifts with others seeking peace of mind and inner freedom for themselves. an Experienced Listener, and an Intuitively-driven Life Strategist. I originally created Personal Touch Best Solutions to provide life-living strategies for men and women approaching their 50’s who, while looking at their own life, are asking the question “Is this it?” What I discovered was I wasn’t here to provide strategies but to help others create their own and support them through the process. As a life-living strategist & Gene keys guide, I know that I am here on earth to help others see perspectives they are not presently seeing for themselves. I am here to help clients create their own unique strategies to live their best lives, and to provide support and encouragement when they don't feel like they can reach their goals on their own. I work with people who are seeking answers to life questions. I believe life is meant to be lived not endured and it’s up to each of us to define what that looks like for ourselves. I believe love heals all wounds taking us into the next Epoch.

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