In My Humble Opinion

Life Can Be Messy!

Yes, life can be messy and it can be an opportunity for some of our most memorable moments in life. Some of our most rewarding lessons, discovered strengths, strongest friendships have emerged from our messiest moments and sometimes it is quite challenging to see the opportunities when we are in the middle of the mess.  When I’m in the middle of a mess the first thing that comes to mind is F**K!
Then the other F-words show up: Forgive myself for being in this mess (again), have Faith that this to shall pass and Find the value of my messy experience.  It’s always there and at times, challenging to see without the help of others.
I started a group conversation page on Facebook for people who find themselves stuck in a mess and who looking for a way to become unstuck.  In my experience, the best way to become unstuck is through the F-words, talk about the mess with others who are willing to listen and be open to hearing what they have to say.  When I say “open to hearing” I mean accept their comments as gifts that you may choose or use or not while you are going through your experience.  If you find yourself saying “that’s not helpful” or “they don’t understand” consider they may be seeing something you are not and you are not being open at that moment.  If you find yourself reacting to a comment, step back and identify why you are reacting.  Often it will be the source of what needs adjusting in your thinking to clean up the mess.
The Facebook page is a private group where it’s safe to have conversations and as the moderator of the group, I participate to keep the space safe for all. I will, on occasion, start discussions to open the door to talk about what’s holding you back and to remove the barrier that’s keeping you from reaching your goals in life.
I know what it’s like to be stuck in the mess and I have discovered what has held me back in the past through gifts I receive in conversations with others.  What I have learned has opened up a whole new world for me and I am using my knowledge to do the same for others. To hear more about my journey and adventures peruse the pages here on my site and you may discover we are on the same path.

Connect with us on Facebook in “The Living Room” and ask to join this private group 

What happens when you have limiting beliefs embedded in your core belief system? They block you from living your dreams & wishes. They are the cause of obstacles on your life path, making it impossible for you to have what you say you want in your life. Those limiting beliefs cause you to give up on what you say is important to you and give in to apathy about life. What if I told you that you can rewrite those limiting beliefs and turn them into unlimited beliefs freeing you from all that holds you back! Not only is it possible, but it’s also simple and painless using the right tools. This group is where you will find the right tools and support while using them.

As a member of this group, you are encouraged to share your limiting beliefs, the challenges you deal with and be open to receiving the support you deserve. We are all here to support and encourage each other. Limiting beliefs show up everywhere in our lives, from how we see ourselves, our relationships with others, money, our jobs, habits, lifestyle and the list goes on.

Words to live by: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven’t.” – Thomas A. Edison

There is no room, in this group, for harsh judgments/assessments and every member is free to explore their thoughts and ideas within the context of legal, moral and legitimate. Each member is free to participate in any discussion with respect and support for all other members.

As a member of this group, you agree to honor and respect each and every member here. This group is for information sharing, absolutely no soliciting or advertising will be tolerated. Anyone found violating this will be removed from the group immediately and permanently.

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