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Who is Lisa Johnston?

2010 Olympic celebration - Sechelt BC

2010 Olympic celebration – Sechelt BC

Do you ever really appreciate where you grew up?  I think you can if you have had the opportunity to see how the rest of the world lives and live through examples of great and not so great experiences.  For me personally, life has been a series of great and not so great adventures and as I get older I am learning to attract more of the great and minimize the not so great ones.  Every day I strive to learn something new about myself, my community, my country and globally the world we all live in (or on depending on your point of view).

Being part of a larger community

I love my community on the Sunshine Coast BC

As a child growing up on the Sunshine Coast, I spent my days exploring the forests, building multitudes of trails, climbing trees and swimming in the ocean – life was a beach!  I was lucky, I could walk everywhere I wanted to go and there was no shortage of friends to hang out with.  The Sunshine Coast was and still is a great place to grow up.  As a young teenager my family moved to Saskatchewan for a while, don’t ask me why I wasn’t privy to that answer and at the tender age of 12 and I didn’t have a choice.  I must say life in Saskatchewan was a culture shock to my system and it had its memorable moments.  I survived it and managed to find my way back to BC by the age of 16.

I didn’t move back to the Sunshine Coast until I was 19 or so, and when I did it was to escape the financial difficulties I had created for myself.   I was naive to think I could hide from my financial troubles, back then my mantra was “out of sight out of mind” – it didn’t work.   Thankfully I did work my way out of trouble and I was able to get back to doing things more in line with what 20 something woman supposed to be doing.  One of my fondest  memories is working for The Beachcombers, a successful television series filmed in Gibsons.  I was working the streets for them (otherwise known as traffic control) and having a great time being young and sowing my wild oats!

By the time I was 25 I was married and pregnant and starting a new adventure as a parent.  Looking back on becoming a first-time parent I laugh about it now, remembering some of the stuff I thought about and things I did it’s amazing my kids turned out to be adults themselves!  Bless all first-time parents, you gotta love them!

Follow your path

Following my path on the Sunshine Coast BC

In my late 40’s I can see that my children have grown into lovely adults and I am finding myself standing at a crossroad.  I am wondering, what do I want to do now that they don’t need me to take care of their every need?  To be honest I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed with the possibilities.  I was left wondering who am I and what is my purpose in life?  It was these daunting questions that started me on a quest for answers.

It’s 2012 and I’m now in my 50’s.   I was introduced to courses provided by Landmark Education by a good friend who recognized that I was ready to find out who I was and what I really wanted in my life.   My mantra for most of my life was “I’m not where I want to be” and now at 50 I was wondering if this is it?  Will I ever get to where I want to be?  I am one of those people who, over the years, have picked up self-help books, gone to self-improvement seminars and workshops to find the answers to these questions.   What I discovered I’ve already had the ability to answer these questions with tools provided through those books, seminars and workshops and I realized that I wasn’t using those tools to make a difference in my life.  What I came to understand, after taking the Landmark courses, was it takes maintenance, (just like having a toned body requires regular exercise) to maintain my new way of being and that if I surrounded myself with like-minded people they would support me with maintenance.   Today, I have surrounded myself with amazing people who understand who I am and who I am not and I continue to work with all the tools I have gathered through the years creating my amazing life on my terms and with my rules.

That’s just the start… every day, I am grateful for all the gifts I have in my life including people, places and things, I am excited about all the possibilities that have opened up for me and I have the ability to choose which of those possibilities I want to incorporate as a source of income.  I have chosen to work with people who are ready to create their lives on their own terms with there own rules because I know how empowering it is to do so and I want other people to experience this too.  Today, I work from home, supporting a lifestyle I’ve always dreamed was possible and I enjoy my life with friends and family while doing it.

 I live on the Sunshine Coast, BC and it is through technology that I am free to work with people all over North America.  I have the honour of touching, moving and inspiring people to transform their lives.  I am grateful for every opportunity I have to make a difference in the lives of my clients because they touch, move and inspire me to do even more.   My view on life today is “this is it and it’s perfect!”

What’s your view?


7 thoughts on “Who is Lisa Johnston?

  1. Lisa, so glad to have found you. I am now following you on your journey to fulfill yourself and make your life the way you want it to be. I have followed a similar path, also taking perhaps too many years to quit waiting for what I sought to find me – I go out in search of.
    And, I agree that your chosen place to live is simply gorgeous.

  2. lovinlife on said:

    Lisa, it is nice to see there are other people that have had the same desire I have had all these years. I am in my 60’s and continue to seek my purpose in life. Like you I have read and studies self help books, attended seminars and continue to improve the quality of my life. (When I was in my 40’s I wondered if “this is all there is” and believe me it wasn’t. I too surround myself with wonderful friends to love me for who I am. I continue to grow spiritually and love the life I have been given. Keep aspiring as you are never too old to learn and inprove your life.

    • Thank you for your comments lovinlife! I have been on this amazing journey for the past 12 months and it just keeps getting better and better. I am discovering and doing things today that I never imagined were possible and the crazy thing for me it I am capable of doing the things I am doing. One of the most amazing things I have recently discovered it my ability to really hear people when they share things about their lives. Right now I am mastering the skill of listen for what’s important to others and acknowledging who they are as an amazing human being. This action alone has introduced me to the most incredible people who are up to big things in their lives. How about you? What’s important to you? From your share I can see your friend are important and I can see your commitment to personal health. Good for you and thank you for sharing!

  3. Your blog looks great!

  4. Your blog looks great, love it!! Glad to see you have found what you have been looking for, it gives us all hope that we too can do it, aren’t the 40’s fabulous!!??

  5. What a fantastic article,and the blog theme is so Beautiful,could you tell me where can download this theme.

    • sorry I just realized that I haven’t answered your question about my theme. It’s called mistylook and I found it while searching webpress themes. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading my blog. L

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