The no #1 answer I hear people declare, when asked what do they want is “FREEDOM”. The definition of freedom is different for each of us and before you can experience it you need to know “what does freedom look like to you?” and “how will you recognize when you have it?” This package is designed to work with other answers if freedom is not is not what you seek. What is your no#1 WANT? Let’s created clarity and your relationship with that!

This package includes:

~ Complimentary Gene Keys Profile summarizing the four pillars of YOU. Understanding who you are at your core will help you relate to your patterns & habits and how they influence the way your process emotions.

~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions to break through blockages as they show up

~ Thought provoking worksheets to help you focus your attention on the task at hand each week.

~ Weekly 1hr coaching sessions to explore the theme of the week and your personal discoveries

~ Email, messaging/text support throughout our time working together to answer questions in between our sessions

What to expect:

Throughout this process expect to have breakdowns and breakthroughs, and know that what ever shows up we will deal with together. You may have questions about the material and need additional help, feel free to put them in writing anytime and I will do my best to answer between sessions.

My personal commitment to you:

I promise you, by the end of 4 weeks you will have a clearer understanding and relationship with what you want that will last a lifetime!