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Mother Earth nurtures and provides what we need to heal, all we need to do is be open to receiving, listen to our heart’s guidance and believe that healing is possible.

Check back often as I frequently update this page with new products I find on my path of self-care. Feel free to reach out to me to share products you have found, particularly the alternative products (non-main stream) that you have personally used and found results with. The more we share the more benefits we all have!

Algae Bits! – blue-green algae (Spirulina) in pressed tablet form made it easier for me to commit to adding this product to my daily routine. I don’t care for the taste of Spirulina and I did try to use the powder version in smoothie but couldn’t mask the flavour so until I found these tablets I wasn’t getting the health benefits of this product. It’s a different story of the green algae (Chlorella)! I love chewing these tablets even though they temporarily turn my teeth green! A swish of water take the colour away and I am careful to only take them when I know I’m not talking with anyone. I am a committed user of these products for the results I have experienced, such as healthier hair/skin, weight loss, better gut health, regular bowel movements, more energy overall, and a complete loss of my sugar cravings! I don’t experience hunger pains and I find myself eating healthier foods and less often. I’m sure there are other benefits but these are the ones I have noticed for myself. I am happy to save you 20% on your order by using the code KULA every time you place an order.

Regenurex – Astaxanthin is a red algae that supports health at a high level, and thus supports joint health, muscle health, promotes recovery, and much more! I take to help with my eyesight and dry eye issue and within a day or two I can feel the results particularly when I miss taking them regularly. Combining the algae has been the most effective for my overall health and best of all they are natural and cost less than taking over the counter prescription pharmaceuticals. I am an Ambassador of this product and by using this link you will save 15% on every order!

Primal Life Organics – OMG! I love the powered toothpolish and deodorant! Go and read the story behind these products and listen to the podcasts where the owner/creator, Trina Felbor talks about her whys and hows! I was so moved by her story I bought the blue/red light product, spearmint, peppermint mineral tooth powders and white lavender deodorant to try and I can say without question I will never go back to mainstream products again! No more gum bleeding or tooth sensitivity or pain. My teeth are stronger than they have been for many years! In fact my dentist was shocked at how little plaque I had considering it’s been 5 years since I’ve had a cleaning. I can’t say enough about the products I have tried so far!

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