The Gene Keys map is our guide to inner freedom, the pathways includes pauses. What is a pause? It’s the space between actionable items in our lives

Richard Rudd ~ creator of Gene Keys

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Welcome Seeker!

Whether you are just discovering Gene Keys for the first time or you have been exploring the gifts here for many years, I am happy to meet you here! I have intentionally been on this journey of seeking since 2012 and I stepped onto this particular path January 2020. Since then I have travelled many miles, seen many changes within myself and experienced more about my life through these teachings than I ever thought possible!

Like you, I am a Seeker, seeking answers to questions that until now, eluded me. Questions such as, “What am I here to do?”, “What am I here to learn?”, “What keeps me healthy?” and “What deeply fulfills me?” I found the answers to these questions here and I invite you to find yours too.

It begins with creating your free profile with the profile generator providing, downloading the results to your computer then diving into the many free or low cost courses provided. These simple steps are the beginning of an incredible journey into who you are in the world. I am so excited to share these gifts with you and I can’t wait for you to get started! I have added links to specific courses to start you on this path, there is so much more to explore and I recommend starting here so you are not over-whelmed by the amount of resources available to you.

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How can I be of service to you? Well, if you are anything like me, you will eat, breathe, and sleep the information you find here! Then overwhelm will settle in and this is where I can assist. I am walking on this path too and I have had guides assisting me along the way. Now it’s my turn to help others make sense of what they see on their journey and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help you.

As a Gene Keys Guide I am here to help you connect with your profile words, the good and the uncomfortable, so you get to experience the beauty of YOU too. I offer a 30 min introductory session, at no charge to you. We will go over your profile and I can share what I know so far. Beyond that I do offer paid sessions for those who wish to dig deeper and there is no obligation to go beyond the free session.

As a Life-living Strategy Coach (also known as Fairy Godmother to some), I provide sessions using EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Psych-K to identify belief systems within the body that impact our daily lives. Our Gene Keys profiles pin-point ways of being that empower and impede our thinking which in turn impacts our lives. Fascinating stuff really! Ask me to share more about the hows and whens if you would like to experience breakthroughs in areas of your life that you feel stuck.