SESSION – 30MIN+ @$50/session

“Life is meant to be lived, not endured”

– Lisa Johnston, Gene Keys Guide, Life-living Strategist & Fairy Godmother

When you are out of alignment with your natural design you are enduring life not living it and when you ARE living your life by design you are living your life powerfully, passionately and purposefully.  

The intention of this service is to reveal your unique design and to create the “Story of You”. An epic tale of who you are in the world and what you are here to experience in your lifetime. 

What’s So Right Now

The following questions relate to who you know yourself to be and to identify areas of your life that are not working for you right now. The more honest you can be the better the results you will have in this experience. 

1. What areas of your life do you feel, are not working as well as you want? (i.e. relationship with self or others, employment, lifestyle). Acknowledge all areas that apply.

2. What re-occurring challenges have you noticed in your life that have you thinking “why does this keep happening to me?” List as many that show up (in point form), details are not required at this time.

3. Where in your life would you like to create healthier habits and what habits would you like to create?

4. What makes your heart sing? That re-occurring moment you hear yourself saying “I want to do that again!” List as many that show up (in point form), details are not required at this time.

5. If I was your Fairy Godmother, what wish would you want me to grant you right now?

To begin this session you will need to answer the 5 questions above (in your own journal used for discussion) and fill out the Client Intake Form (the password to this page will be provided for access) and return it 24hrs prior to our session. The information shared on the form is an important part of our initial conversation. As always your information is confidential and only used during our time together.