1HR+ SESSION @$150

Heartaches and heartbreaks happen throughout our entire lives and that the process of healing takes time. How much time it takes varies for each of us and we can’t rush the process. What I have experienced for myself, is there comes a point when I knew I was ready to heal and for me, that’s when I was ready for a session like this. I didn’t need months of help I just needed a short session to shift my thoughts and provide the space I needed to think about the next steps. I can’t tell you when you will be ready, only you will know, but I can tell you that I’m here to help you when it’s time.

People would ask me, “how did I know that I was ready?” After much thought I recognized the indications for me came in a variety of ways. Signs like noticing how my pain stopped me from doing things that made me happy. I noticed that between my painful thoughts I had moments of joy about other things and I wanted to feel more joy in my days. I started to allow myself self-care for brief moments and I wanted more without the guilt. I don’t know what your “knowing” will be and I trust that you will when you are ready too.

I continue to use EFT to help myself when I feel loss of all kinds, including loved ones, relationships, being let go from jobs, during times of strife, when I’ve felt stressed due to finances, and even aging. Heartache and heartbreaks come from many sources and you don’t have to suffer because of them.

This session includes:

~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session to uncover and re-frame the emotions causing the hurt to linger. If more time or sessions are needed to fully experience a healing transformation, together we will determine an appropriate action to do so.

~ Complimentary Gene Keys Profile summarizing the four pillars of YOU. Understanding who you are at your core will help you relate to your patterns & habits and how they influence the way your process emotions.

What to expect:

Throughout this process expect to have breakdowns and breakthroughs, and unexpected feelings/memories may appear in our session. Just know that what ever shows up we will deal with together in a safe manner. If you have questions about the material and need additional help, please feel free to put them in writing anytime and I will do my best to answer.

Please note: When it comes to traumatic or chronic pain, I recommend integrating these sessions into your medical regime. These sessions are not meant to replace medical/psychological services but to support your self-care program as a part of your healing team. It is important that you let your Doctor know about our sessions.