The beauty of having a life map is your ability to choose what path you would like to take throughout your life. Sometimes you want to be-line to your destination and sometimes you just want to meander and see the sights, either way you get to choose your path because you know where you are on your map at all times. Together, we will break-down your plan into manageable bits to allow for exploration of best routes (practices), and attractions you want to experience. Your plan begins at the destination of your choice, then we work our way back to where you are right now.

This package includes 6x 1hr sessions via video conferencing, phone call or in person (if possible) and a complimentary Gene Keys Profile summarizing the four pillars of YOU. Understanding who you are at your core will help you relate to your patterns & habits and how they influence the way your process emotions.

The sessions will be used for:

~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to break through blockages as they show up

~ Strategic planning of best routes to take to reach your destination

~ Email, messaging/text support throughout our time working together to answer questions in between our sessions

Additional sessions available if needed at $150/hr beyond our 6 weeks together

What to expect:

Throughout this process expect to run into road blocks, you may have to take detours and it’s possible you will change your destination all together! Just know, what ever shows up we will deal with and you will reach the destination that serves your higher good.

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