Empowering Belief Statements

This list of empowering belief statements continues to grow as I discover new ones.  Stop by often to discover new ones for yourself and if you have one that is not on this list please feel free to send it to me via the contact form below.

Empowering Belief Statements

I am whole and complete just the way I am

I am the Creator of my life

Changing my perception changes my reality

Where there is a will there is a way

I am worthy of the best that love and life have to offer

I forgive myself and others for wrongs done to me and I take responsibility for my own life

I know who I am when I love myself unconditionally

I am content and blessed to be me

I joyfully release the past and expect the best now and in the future

My life is a perfect example of synchronicity and flow

I learn from my past experiences including the difficult and painful ones

I am in charge of my life

I welcome change in my life

I trust the choices I make

I relax, do my best and see the beauty in my life

I give my whole life to spirit and my whole spirit to life

Money is a gift that I give to myself and allows me more freedom to gift others

How others perceive me reflects how I am being to others