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"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven't."

Gratitude & Testimonials

flowerfacesmOver the years I had the opportunity to work with men and women in their private lives and in a variety of industries from homebuilders and retailers through to hospitality & tourism, food service, and fashion. I pride myself in my ability to provide proven strategies and techniques for clients with businesses of all sizes and experiences.

I know I have made a real difference in their lives, both professionally and personally because they tell me so!  I am grateful for each and every opportunity I had as their coach because their transformations have touched, moved and inspired me and made a difference in my life.

I am committed to opening the door of possibilities for men and women, empowering them and helping them become unstoppable in areas of their lives that are important to them.  I look forward to unleashing their passion in action!

 Testimonials ~

Landmark Education – Self Expression Leadership Program –  Whitney, participant

“When I look back upon my time with Lisa Johnston as my personal coach, I am overwhelmed with feelings of happy nostalgia. It was a time of enrichment, personal growth and self expression. I value that almost immediately, we were able to communicate together like old friends. Lisa’s ability to relate to my situations were accurate and powerful. I always left our conversations feeling inspired and more in love with my life than at the beginning of the call. She taught me how to be more authentic to my friends and family in a way that I no longer felt the need to push my judgement or personal experience onto them. She taught me that by setting the example herself.  I will definitely recommend your services as a coach to anyone who needs it! What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it, and shining so much love into my life. ” and Bad Dog Design Inc. – Laurie McConnell, Owner

“Lisa is very adaptable to changing business circumstances and environments. She brings a unique set of skills to whatever work she does and makes each job her own, taking full responsibility for both the success and challenges. Lisa has a strong personal brand that exemplifies professionalism, process development in order to set performance standards in varying organizations, and is very adept at pulling people together out of organizations and/or communities towards common goals. She is very strong at managing diverse personalities in high stress environments such as event planning, project management and new business startups. Lisa is also a very self-aware person and is constantly moving forward on her own personal goals for self-development and skill development. This is somewhat rare especially as it is not haphazard or organic, but comes out of a personal development plan and strategy. I have a lot of respect for individuals who commit to this level of growth in order to better their value to others such as business partners or employers. She is highly principled and has great integrity.”

Talaysay Tours and Kayak Adventures – Candace Campo, Owner

“Lisa has worked with me over the years to assist me in systematizing my company’s daily operations. Lisa has a diverse set of skills. She coaches me in customer service, human resource development and further contributes to our marketing strategy and initiatives. I truly appreciate Lisa’s advice and her direct contributions to my company.”

Optionelle/Evelogy Fashions – Christine Konopelski, Fashion Consultant

“Lisa is a phenomenal self starter. She has grasped the concept of personal shopper and has expanded the list of services she provides. She offers complete wardrobe makeovers as well as speaking to groups about fashion related topics. Lisa has a lot to offer and we all have a lot to learn from her.”

Psych-K transformational sessions are provided by Lisa Johnston. Times/dates/fees are arranged as per client’s needs and agreed upon before sessions begin. Lisa Johnston has been providing advice and coaching services for over 20 yrs to men and women across North America. Her services are non-medical in nature..

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