Gratitude & Testimonials

Lisa Johnston aka "Kula Sanayha"

Over the years I had the opportunity to work with men and women in their private lives and in a variety of professions; from homebuilders and retailers through to hospitality & tourism, food service, and fashion. I pride myself in my ability to provide proven strategies and techniques for clients dealing with challenges of all sizes and experiences.

I know I have made a real difference in their lives, both professionally and personally because they tell me so!  I am grateful for each and every opportunity I have had as their coach, because their transformations have touched, moved and inspired me and this has transformed my life as well. I am committed to opening the door of possibilities for men and women, empowering them and helping them become unstoppable in areas of their lives that are important to them.  I am excited to help them unleash their passion in action!

~ Kannihka ~

I got it. I got the whole thing. I got the whole shebang about “me, myself and I” and “home is within me and I am complete right now in every present moment”. So much potent transformation yesterday via dreams and this morning in meditation by the little lake. So thank you quantum mutation force of a fairy goddess mother!

~ Denise ~

For six weeks last year I worked with Lisa Johnston (while under going Chemo) around forgiveness of myself, people that hurt me, people who stopped talking to me….lots to unload.  Lisa was amazing, I cried, wrote, was in silence, listened….I have never felt so free in my life and it feels good.  Lisa gave me the tools to do around any negative situation that unfolds before me.  Studying Buddhism.  Lovin’ life 🥰

~ Kate ~

Within minutes of meeting Lisa, I knew she had a wisdom to offer that is seldom found in a person. At a very difficult time in my life, I met Lisa when I was deeply stuck in an abusive relationship. While recognizing that at the time, knowing how to extricate myself from it was completely lost to me which I have now come to learn years later, is very common for victims of domestic abuse. The listening power of Lisa is so intuitive, she was able to witness the complex situation I was struggling with, and understand a very clear picture of the reality of it all, and what I was dealing with. Her support always occurred to me as gentle, respectful yet direct, healthy and clear. Lisa empowered me with her wisdom to create resources for me that were exactly what I needed to solve my own situation. Through consultation with her, I was able to gain access to support material and ongoing discussions that allowed me to recognize how diminished I was at the time. That realisation was critical for me to achieve and it unstuck several areas of my life. Additionally, her tools and techniques allowed me to make life long change, to create a healthy mindset around relationships, to gain wisdom around much-needed self respect, creating my own boundaries and how to recognize warning signs regarding repeating patterns in relationships. Without Lisa’s involvement in my life, I cannot imagine where I would be at this time, now seven years later. I enjoy a loving, devoted and healthy marriage with my new husband of the last five years. I can’t honestly say that I would be in this same position, pursuing my own personal dreams that now matter to me and my husband, if I had not had the good fortune to meet Lisa and to work with her on this area of my life. Thank you Lisa!

~ April ~

When my husband and I moved to the Sunshine Coast, this is where I met Lisa and I found the kind of healing she does. I have, over the years, seen multiple Therapists, Holistic healers, Chinese medical Drs, Acupuncturists, Gurus, Psychiatrists, and  Psychologists, none were able to get to the root of my issues. Then Lisa introduced me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), during our first couple of visits the years of stress came flooding back and she taught me the tools I needed to actually deal with it! I use her techniques when life hands me more to work with and I have learned to love myself exactly as I am.  I no longer live in fear of what tomorrow brings but instead I look forward to a new day as a new beginning.  I am happy to say my life has turned around, my health is heading in the right direction and I thank the Universe daily for bringing Lisa into my life!

~ Bo ~

Lisa has been infinitely positive addition to my life! Her approach is direct, loving and insightful.  She has away of opening up your mind, taking away all judgement.  Lisa really listens and is able to read between the lines of what is truly best for you. There are so many beautiful things about Lisa. I encourage you to open up your heart and mind. Take a chance and allow your life’s journey become more rich by walking a few miles with this brilliant woman!

~ Gerelee ~

From the outside I look confident, successful and full of ambition. However, these traits have also isolated me from friends. I was at a crossroads of my life, when rather desperately, I reached out through social media asking for someone to talk to and help clear my mind. When Lisa Johnston responded and we started talking, it made a huge difference for me. I felt immediately understood and cared for.  Lisa’s experience and wisdom helped me to look at my situation, she helped me put things into perspective and create new solutions. When I’m ready for more support I will definitely hire Lisa  again, she clearly understood what I needed and gave me the ability to create new solutions for what I was dealing with.

~  Ben ~

When you are speaking from a powerful context, I am in awe with your words.  I am so impressed with what you say and how it lands with people. You made the difference with Gordon! After meeting you he was lit up and enlivened and is excited about Landmark and has been sharing and been unreservedly self-expressed. He is even talking about doing the Advanced Course and having Landmark friends.  I love what you did for my family today and it was a good reminder of who you are, in case you forgot.  You are a powerful coach and leader! 

~ Whitney ~

When I look back upon my time with Lisa Johnston as my personal coach, I am overwhelmed with feelings of happy nostalgia. It was a time of enrichment, personal growth, and self-expression. I value that almost immediately, we were able to communicate together like old friends. Lisa’s ability to relate to my situations were accurate and powerful. I always left our conversations feeling inspired and more in love with my life than at the beginning of the call. She taught me how to be more authentic to my friends and family in a way that I no longer felt the need to push my judgment or personal experience onto them. She taught me that by setting the example herself.  I will definitely recommend your services as a coach to anyone who needs it! What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it, and shining so much love into my life. 

~ Laurie ~

Lisa is very adaptable to changing business circumstances and environments. She brings a unique set of skills to whatever work she does and makes each job her own, taking full responsibility for both the success and challenges. Lisa has a strong personal brand that exemplifies professionalism, process development in order to set performance standards in varying organizations, and is very adept at pulling people together out of organizations and/or communities towards common goals. She is very strong at managing diverse personalities in high-stress environments such as event planning, project management, and new business startups. Lisa is also a very self-aware person and is constantly moving forward on her own personal goals for self-development and skill development. This is somewhat rare especially as it is not haphazard or organic, but comes out of a personal development plan and strategy. I have a lot of respect for individuals who commit to this level of growth in order to better their value to others such as business partners or employers. She is highly principled and has great integrity.

~ Candace ~

Lisa has worked with me over the years to assist me in systematizing my company’s daily operations. Lisa has a diverse set of skills. She coaches me in customer service, human resource development and further contributes to our marketing strategy and initiatives. I truly appreciate Lisa’s advice and her direct contributions to my company.

~ Christine ~

Lisa is a phenomenal self-starter. She has grasped the concept of personal shopper and has expanded the list of services she provides. She offers complete wardrobe makeovers as well as speaking to groups about fashion related topics. Lisa has a lot to offer and we all have a lot to learn from her.

I am an intuitive healer working with men & women who are ready to reform their limiting beliefs into empowering ones. I have changed the lives of many clients around the world by hearing their challenges and exposing the beliefs that hold them back. Working with multiple modalities to zero in on and eliminating what stops my clients from having what they desire most in their lives. If you would like to work with me, please choose the service that best meets your needs and fill out the client intake form provided.  If you need help choosing a service feel free to email me at to discuss. 
At the end of the day…

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