Personal Touch Best Solutions

Personal Touch Best Solutions

“There are two primary choices in life: accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility for changing them.
Dr. Denis Waitley
I have been gathering tools for many years to help empower women who struggle with self-worth, relationships, unconditional love, contentment, letting go, transitions in life, choice-making, reflections, and connecting to spirit. Women, who struggle to answer the two most common questions we ask ourselves around the age of 50, “Who am I? and “What is my purpose in life?”
Around the age of 50 (for some it’s earlier or later) we tend to put our lives under a microscope and scrutinize our relationships, our contentment, question the choices we made, and reflect on who we have become.  This can be a pivotal moment in our lives, particularly when we realize something is missing.  Yes, I am speaking from experience!
We all have invisible barriers that hold us back from fulfilling our heart’s wishes and desires in our daily lives and being who we were meant to be in the world. Each and everyone one of us is unique and exceptional; if you can’t see this within yourself, you need to find out what your invisible barriers are. Understanding what it is that stops you is the first step to eliminating the holds they have on you, forever. You and I will work together freeing you to become the unstoppable and powerful person you are meant to be in this world! Learn more about Psych-K here and Emotional Freedom Technique how they may be right for you.


Personal Growth

– Empowering others who are challenged with  forgiving themselves and others for wrongs done in the past. For others who struggle with self-confidence and self-worth,  who are disconnected with inner spirit and their inner knowing.  For those who are ready to transform these experiences because they understand that they don’t have to be held back by these barriers anymore! Working with me has given them the tools they needed to become unstoppable and powerful in all areas of their lives and it can for you too.

Transitioning Life After 50

–  Releasing the barriers relating to love, letting go, choice-making, and reflections by re-writing the limiting beliefs embedded in your subconscious mind.

If you want to live the statement “I’m living my best life and loving it!” please feel free to contact me for a complete service overview and fees for 2022.

I am a life-living strategist working with others who are ready to reform their limiting beliefs into empowering ones. I have changed the lives of many clients around the world by hearing their challenges and exposing the beliefs that hold them back. Working with multiple modalities to zero in on and eliminate what stops my clients from having what they desire most in their lives. If you would like to work with me, please use the contact form provided to inquire about availability.

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