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2019 Service Fees

Get Me Started – $147 package
This is a one-time service package designed to point you in the right direction, either you are not sure where you want to go in your life or you do know where you want to go but you don’t know how to get there.  I am here to guide you, based on our initial conversation, then send you on your way!  This package includes:
  • Simple human design summary with key indicators explained
  • Suggested strategies based on your design relating to jobs, self-alignment
  • 60 min coaching call for fact-finding & direction strategy (typically split into 30 min sessions to best serve you)
Goal Strategy  $897 package* (see payment options below) 
This ongoing service package is goal specific and you want assistance reaching it. With laser focus, the intention of this service is to identify your goal, discover the limiting beliefs that are in the way (there is always something) and re-form those beliefs into empowering ones so you can get to where you want to be!  This service will be re-evaluated at the end of 3 months to determine if further services are needed.   This package includes an initial 30 min consultation for fact-finding and
  • Simple human design summary with key indicators explained
  • Strategic Timeline Planning
  • Scheduled weekly coaching calls – 60 min/call (up to 12 weeks)
  • Provided through scheduled email and phone/video calls.  This service is perfect for clients who have a specific goal they want to achieve.

Power-Ups – $147/4 sessions. Once we have worked together we can quickly and efficiently fine-tune your needs.  Each session takes 15 min to effectively re-write the limiting belief into an empowering one.  With laser focus, we can power through many belief statements in one hr* or divide them up into mini-sessions if you have time restraints. * One-hour sessions are only granted to clients who have worked with me multiple times as it requires an understanding of the process and appreciation for the no-chit-chat format.  Wham Bam thank you ma’ame approach!

* Total fee is based on monthly payment option (upon request and approval) for the Goal Strategy package only.  20% discount for payment in full upon signup


Reset Life Retreat annual retreat.  My vision is to host timeout retreats around the world for women who want to take a moment to regroup, reconnect, reset, relax or just rest from their busy daily lives.  These retreats are an opportunity for busy women to evaluate where they are in their lives right now, where they want to be and create an action plan to align both before jumping back into the game we call daily life.  The retreat is also a place to stop moving at the speed of light and just chill.  A perfect balance of work and rest so you feel ready to get back in the game.  Sign up for notification of where and when the next retreat will be held.
Lisa Johnston-Williams
I am a life-living strategist working with others who are ready to reform their limiting beliefs into empowering ones. I have changed the lives of many clients around the world by hearing their challenges and exposing the beliefs that hold them back. I work with multiple modalities to zero in on and eliminate what stops my clients from having what they desire most in their lives. If you would like to work with me, please use the contact form provided to inquire about availability.


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