Growing up on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada 🍁 was magical! My beach time was only rivalled by my forest time and between the two it felt like I was home in both!  

I am a seeker, searching for answers to three main questions: “Who am I?”, “What’s my purpose in life?” and “How can I best serve myself and others?”  

I am a student of unconventional modalities in hopes that they will become mainstream healing practices. I’ve studied Psych-k, Emotional Freedom Technique, dabbled in Human Design, and I’m deep diving into The Gene Keys. I’ve completed the Guides Program and The Golden Path, so far on my journey and I will continue to explore The Gene Keys teaching for myself and others because I love this work!

Professionally I have been a waitress, stay-at-home mom, a home inspector, photographer, receptionist, volunteer, restaurant owner, bed & breakfast owner, life coach and (my personal favourite job title) Fairy Godmother.

At the very core of who I am is a woman in action living my life by my definition on purpose with purpose now that I under-stand what that is. Lol

Living life with purpose takes CLARITY, CONNECTION to passion and COURAGE to pursue your dreams.

It’s taken me many years to bring these 3 things together and to develop the tools I needed to assist others who believe it’s possible to love what you do for a living and what it feels like to live life fully!

What that is for you can be determined by 4 Keys. Unlock these keys, and you open the door to your prosperity freeing you to enjoy all that you create!

This series, when purchased as a package will give you the most value for your money and you can purchase individually if you want a little bit at a time.

Series fee – $197 includes all 3 keys taking up to 2 hrs to complete. The series included a copy of your profile, optional recording of our session as requested and may include an EFT session and additional information depending on the flow of your session.

Individual Key fees are shown below including time commitment. All fees payable at the time of your confirmed booking and payable via e-transfer to and is auto deposited (does not require a password)

Key #1 ~ CLARITY ~ $35/30min

Clarity can only come with knowing and understanding what you are dealing with first. We begin with the basics, understanding:

  1. what you are here to do
  2. what you are here to learn
  3. what keeps you healthy and
  4. what deeply fulfills you

From here the world is your oyster so to speak! Having insight into your natural way of being provides clues to why certain things go well or don’t go well for you and it exposes the source of pesky habits you may want to change. This is an introduction into The Gene Keys where, if you choose to learn more, you will find a wealth of free information and affordable courses to dive deeper into the essence of YOU. As your Gene Keys Guide I am here to help you learn the basics using the four pillars of your profile and guide you on your path of knowledge.

Key #2 ~ CONNECTION ~ $35/30min

Putting it all together, by connecting the dots (spheres) illuminates a direction for you to take moving forward. Whether it’s career, relationships or self-illumination, you will find, by creating a directional map to follow, you will set yourself up for success in all directions. Knowledge is fuel on this journey! As a life-living strategy coach I am here to support your vision for yourself, along your chosen path.

Key #3 ~ COURAGE ~ $55/60min

Secrets are the source of indifference which becomes the source of inner conflict and heartache. This key unlocks the door to INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and AUTHENTICITY, which in turn, creates ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM and INNER PEACE.

It takes courage to speak your secrets out loud, and to learn how to reveal your secrets without judgement or recourse. Once you shine light on a secret the debilitating power it holds over you is gone. We begin with little secrets rather than the big ones to practice the skill of secret-letting, releasing a little pressure to gain relief from the effects of harbouring secrets.

Be in A.C.T.I.O.N.

A ~ allow my human-ness to show

C ~ conscious caring radiates from my heart

T ~ take guidance to master new skills

I ~ inspired to lead by example

O ~ own responsibility for my wellbeing

N ~ nourish the human soul within me

The time to take A.C.T.I.O.N. is now