Return to Empowerment

Red Rover, red rover, come on over!  The image is a portrait of NASA's Mars Rover, "Opportunity"  who has been roaming the surface of Mars since January 25, 2004. A man-made machine created to explore the surface of Mars in search of water or evidence of water for the purpose of supporting future generations of …

Oh my goodness, it is true…!

After years of excruciating work of peering into the crevices of my life, evaluating every move I made and thought I had I finally reached the mother lode and uncovered the most significant nugget of my career as a gold miner. I discovered that I was invisible and for the first time in my life I became visible at the age of 50...

The Woman in the Mirror

"Who is the woman in the mirror?"  I sometimes ask that question when I'm standing in front of a mirror and often the answer is "I don't know".

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