Permission to Take Time… again!

We often do not give ourselves permission to be in the moment doing things that we like to do and it is impossible to be in the moment without it. #itsmytime

Return to Empowerment

Red Rover, red rover, come on over!  The image is a portrait of NASA's Mars Rover, "Opportunity"  who has been roaming the surface of Mars since January 25, 2004. A man-made machine created to explore the surface of Mars in search of water or evidence of water for the purpose of supporting future generations of …

Oh my goodness, it is true…!

After years of excruciating work of peering into the crevices of my life, evaluating every move I made and thought I had I finally reached the mother lode and uncovered the most significant nugget of my career as a gold miner. I discovered that I was invisible and for the first time in my life I became visible at the age of 50...

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